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# Contribution Guide

We encourage everyone to contribute to the development and improvement of DORIE.

Please notice our included [Code of Conduct](

### Restricted Access to Repository

Free access to the [GitLab instance]( of
the [TS-CCEES group]( at the
[Institute of Environmental Physics]( is
restricted to members of said group.
Non-members are left with read-only access to public repositories.

### How to Contribute

If you would like to _actively contribute_ to DORiE, and you are affiliated
with [Heidelberg University]( or an associated
research institute, you can become a member of the DORiE development team.

Otherwise, we encourage you to contribute bug reports, feature requests, or
improvement suggestions by contacting the development team
[via mail](

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Notice, however, that resources for development and support are streched thin:
_Your mileage may vary._