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    Update CMake build configuration · ba657c66
    Lukas Riedel authored
    * Define a custom target for HDF5.
      - Link to dependent libraries.
      - Add CPP definition for parallel setup explicitly.
      - Remove runtime check for parallel HDF5 in 'dorie-rfg'.
    * Set CMP0074 to NEW to allow usage of <Package>_ROOT variables.
    * Link all dependencies to executables when calling DorieTesting
      CMake macros.
    * Do not check for FFTW3.
      - Check is performed by dune-randomfield already, which also
        registers the lib to DUNE_LIBS.
      - Remove FindFFTW3.cmake.
    * Raise minimum required CMake version to Ubuntu Bionic, v3.10.
    * Use lowercase name `muparser` consistently.
    * Update installation instructions for building HDF5 from source
      (MPI support dropped by Homebrew)
    * Use `dune_target_link_libraries` for DUNE_LIBS only.
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