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Commit 0085c742 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel
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Always activate experimental Richards DG settings

Remove the CMake option `EXPERIMENTAL_DG_SETTINGS` and the respective
preprocessor flag. Always enable the respective options.
parent 114eb2fd
......@@ -14,12 +14,6 @@ endif()
# add extra flags to debug compiler flags
# option to change DG scheme via config file
"Enable experimental DG settings through the config file"
if(NOT (dune-common_DIR OR dune-common_ROOT OR
"${CMAKE_PREFIX_PATH}" MATCHES ".*dune-common.*"))
......@@ -15,8 +15,3 @@ target_link_libraries(transport
dorie-richards dorie-transport spdlog muparser::muparser hdf5 yaml-cpp)
add_custom_target("dorie" DEPENDS richards transport)
# enable setting operator scheme from config file
target_compile_definitions("dorie" PUBLIC -DEXPERIMENTAL_DG_FEATURES)
......@@ -56,19 +56,14 @@ RichardsSimulation<Traits>::RichardsSimulation (
finitial = FlowInitialFactory::create(inifile, gv, this->_log);
// --- Local Operators ---
// read experimental settings from inifile
namespace OP = Dune::Dorie::Operator;
const auto settings = OP::read_experimental_operator_settings(inifile);
const auto method = std::get<OP::RichardsDGMethod::Type>(settings);
const auto upwinding = std::get<OP::RichardsDGUpwinding::Type>(settings);
const auto weights = std::get<OP::RichardsDGWeights::Type>(settings);
slop = std::make_unique<SLOP>(inifile, fparam, fboundary, fsource,
method, upwinding, weights);
slop = std::make_unique<SLOP>(inifile, fparam, fboundary, fsource);
tlop = std::make_unique<TLOP>(inifile, fparam);
controller = std::make_unique<CalculationController>(
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