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Merge branch '112-dune-usage-of-std-optional-incompatible-to-apple-clang' into 'master'

Help macOS users compile DORiE with Apple Clang 10

See merge request !113
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......@@ -138,6 +138,8 @@ If you installed [Anaconda](
to build all DUNE modules. Additionally, you can add `MAKE_FLAGS="-j X"` before the call to `dunecontrol` to compile on `X` processes in parallel.
**Warning:** Users of **macOS** with Apple Clang version >=10 need to append `-DDUNE_HAVE_CXX_OPTIONAL=Off` to the `CMAKE_FLAGS`.
If you installed software into paths not appended to your `PATH` variable, you will have to add `CMAKE_FLAGS` to the call to make sure that CMake finds all packages. Alternatively, you can add a custom options file. See the [DUNE Installation Instructions]( for details. CMake will throw an error if required packages are not found.
**Warning:** Anacoda supplies its own version of HDF5 which is typically found first by CMake. If you have Anaconda installed on your machine, add
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