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Apple Python interpreter seems to do fine

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......@@ -115,14 +115,24 @@ These instructions are suitable for a clean **Ubuntu** or **Mac OS X** setup. Th
brew update
brew install automake cmake doxygen gcc libtool libpng open-mpi \
pkg-config python3 superlu
pkg-config superlu
brew install hdf5 --with-mpi
brew install fftw --with-mpi
Install the python package manager by calling
sudo easy_install pip
2. Install the necessary Python packages using `pip`:
python -m pip install virtualenv
**Mac OS X:**
sudo python -m pip install virtualenv sphinx breathe --ignore-installed
3. **Mac OS X** only:
1. The Apple Clang compiler shipped with CMake is not suitable for compiling DUNE and UG. Before proceeding, call
......@@ -131,10 +141,6 @@ These instructions are suitable for a clean **Ubuntu** or **Mac OS X** setup. Th
to enfore the Homebrew'd GCC compiler. Note that this variable export only lasts for your current terminal session. Always make sure that the configuration tool actually finds GCC instead of the Apple Clang.
2. Avoid the Apple Python 2 interpreter, located in `/usr/bin`. dune-python searches for and binds to the symlink `python` first. If you did **not** install a custom Python 2 interpreter, create a dummy symlink in the `/usr/local/bin` directory:
ln -svf /usr/local/bin/python3 /usr/local/bin/python
3. Clone the specified version of UG into a suitable folder on your machine. Install it by calling
autoreconf -is
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