Commit 118d9bce authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

Merge branch '43-add-options-for-altering-dg-formulation-in-local-operator' into 'master'

Resolve "add options for altering DG formulation in local operator"

Closes #43 and #41

See merge request !33

(cherry picked from commit dac2a4e1)

d760a799 Add new options for symmetry/penalty in local operator
6cdbdb13 Added option to change upwinding in local operator
99db5435 Merge branch 'bugix/conductivity-in-dirichlet-bc' into feature/local-operator-schemes
57441a3a Consider upwinding schemes in Dirichlet BC
6432d739 softened vanGenuchten parameter limits
7d47d613 Fix an error in the DG skeleton flux term
9128001f Add CMake option to control DG method with the config file
fe7a21a4 Finalize DG scheme options in local operator
5eb13c57 Added docs for experimental DG keys
047b6016 Moved experimental DG parmeters to the end of the parameter list
e09f0b28 Merge branch 'feature/41-enable-vtk-vertex-plotting' into 'master'
5576913a Set default upwinding method to 'none'
ad0ef464 Apply CPP definition for experimental features only to main dorie exe
678a9a75 Add section on experimental features to Readme
parent 380e9be6