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@defgroup FiniteElement Finite element
@defgroup FiniteElement Custom Finite Elements
@ingroup Common
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(non-dg) need to be oriented to be able to represent continuity in grid
function spaces. Since orientation is not available in general for simpleces,
we have to enforce dg keys.
### PkDG Local Finite Elements
DORiE implements its own finite element map for fixed-sized discontinuous
function spaces on simplices. The implementation based on Pk elements is
presumably faster than the one based on the orthonormal basis polynomials,
which is available in PDELab. PDELab itself does not offer a PkDG space.
DORiE makes Pk elements discontinuous by modifying the local indices such
that all degrees of freedom are attached to the codim 0 entity, see
Dune::Dorie::PkDGLocalFiniteElement. This element is then used in the
respective element map, Dune::Dorie::PkDGLocalFiniteElementMap.
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