The TS-GitLab will have to shut down towards the end of the year — please think about migrating your projects to or GitHub.
(This is still a very early message, meant to keep you informed. There will be more urgent ones in the future.)

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* Switch VTK output from conforming to non-conforming
* Use `multicore` build tag only for `test:parallel` build because the current
GitLab Runner cannot handle the load
* Use the `OVLP_AMG_4_DG` linear solver for all computations, including
sequential ones. This significantly improves performance for large problems.
### Fixed
* The source code is now compatible to the Clang LLVM compiler.
DORiE can now be compiled with the onboard compiler on macOS.
* Fix finite element map used for simplex grids. The old one did not implement
a discontinuous function space.
* Allow warnings on ParMETIS not being available for parallel computations.
## 1.0.0 (2018-03-28)
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