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# Contribution Guide
# Contributing to DORiE
We encourage everyone to contribute to the development and improvement of DORIE.
**Thank you for taking your time and contributing to DORiE!** :+1:
Please notice our included [Code of Conduct](
## Code of Conduct
### Restricted Access to Repository
Everybody participating in and contributing to this project is expected to
uphold our attached [Code of Conduct]( Report any
unacceptable behavior to the [DORiE Developers][mailinglist]!
Free access to the [GitLab instance]( of
the [TS-CCEES group]( at the
[Institute of Environmental Physics]( is
restricted to members of said group.
Non-members are left with read-only access to public repositories.
## How to Contribute
### How to Contribute
DORiE is open source software. We strive for making every stage of development
public, sharing our advances, and incorporating community contributions. We
therefore prefer public contributions of any kind via GitLab.
If you would like to _actively contribute_ to DORiE, and you are affiliated
with [Heidelberg University]( or an associated
research institute, you can become a member of the DORiE development team.
### GitLab Account
Otherwise, we encourage you to contribute bug reports, feature requests, or
improvement suggestions by contacting the development team
[via mail](
The DORiE repository is hosted on the private GitLab instance of the
[TS-CCEES]( research group at the
[Institute of Environmental Physics (IUP) Heidelberg](
As we want to keep most of our projects private, we disabled the regular
sign-up procedure. If you are not a member of said research group, we encourage
you to request an account [via mail][mailinglist]. Notice that you will only
receive an account flagged as
"[External User]("
in this case, with access to the DORiE repository only.
Notice, however, that resources for development and support are streched thin:
_Your mileage may vary._
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### Issues and Merge Requests
Report bugs, suggest features, or plan implementations in GitLab Issues. We
provide several Description Templates you may find useful for structuring
your Issue description and providing the required information.
Any changes to source code should be accompanied by a (unit) test verifying the
functionality. Designing this test ideally happens in the planning phase of
a change.
After a proper discussion of the Issue, and the resulting implementation, open
a Merge Request. Again, we encourage you to use one of the Description
Templates. Provide information on how your code changes and additions solve the
problem or implement the feature. Make sure that your MR fulfills the the
criteria for being merged.
### Old-Fashioned Email
Of course, you can always contact the developers directly
[via mail][mailinglist].
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