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## Installation Instructions
DORiE is a [DUNE]( module and requires several other DUNE modules as well as third party software packages. Installation can be handled manually on your local machine, but it's recommended to use the virtualization software [Docker]( instead.
In any case, DORiE is configured, build, and installed via the [DUNE Buildsystem](, using the `dunecontrol` script to handle DUNE-internal dependencies.
### Docker Installation
Install Docker on your machine. Then, download the [DORiE DUNE Environment Repository]( from [Dockerhub](, by executing
docker pull dorie/dune-env
Run a new container from the v2.4 image by calling
docker run -i -t dorie/dune-env:2.4 /bin/bash
Additionally, use the `-v` option of the `run` command to mount a local directory into the container:
-v <hostdir/dorie>:/opt/dune/dorie
This way, you can access the content of the (still empty) folder of the virtual machine from your local `<hostdir>/dorie` directory.
Next, `git clone` the DORiE repository into the shared folder. Enter the container, and execute
dunecontrol --only=dorie all
to build DORiE.
#### Update DUNE
The DUNE modules in the repository might be outdated. You can update to the newest versions by calling
dunecontrol update
Then compile all modules again by executing
dunecontrol all
## Quick installation
More comprehensive installation instructions of the current `master` branch can be found [in the online documentation]( (password: `richards`).
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