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solution vector.
* `GradientFluxAdapter` was reimplemented and renamed `WaterFluxAdapter`.
* Every grid function adapter has its own file and are gathered in the
subdirectory [dune/dorie/solver/adapters](dune/dorie/solver/adapters)
subdirectory [dune/dorie/solver/adapters](dune/dorie/solver/adapters).
* `VTKAdapters` are now managed with `shared_ptr` instead of references.
* `OutputWriter` class is deprecated in favor of an minimal extension of the
usual `VTKSequenceWriter` for grid functions called
* `RichardsSimulation` now models the `SimulationBase` class (See details in For this,
several methods were renamed with basically no change in behaviour.
* `RichardsSimulation` and `TimeController` are able to receive a suggestion for
the next timestep.
* Static const `bool`s for adaptivity and output writing in `BaseTraits` were
removed in favor of run-time policies (See details in
## 1.1.1 (2018-08-21)
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