[Richards] Fix dg option classes for experimental dg features

parent f9a55119
......@@ -59,11 +59,10 @@ RichardsSimulation<Traits>::RichardsSimulation (
// read experimental settings from inifile
namespace OP = Dune::Dorie::Operator;
const auto settings =
const auto method = std::get<OP::DGMethod::Type>(settings);
const auto upwinding = std::get<OP::DGUpwinding::Type>(settings);
const auto weights = std::get<OP::DGWeights::Type>(settings);
const auto settings = OP::read_experimental_operator_settings(inifile);
const auto method = std::get<OP::RichardsDGMethod::Type>(settings);
const auto upwinding = std::get<OP::RichardsDGUpwinding::Type>(settings);
const auto weights = std::get<OP::RichardsDGWeights::Type>(settings);
slop = std::make_unique<SLOP>(inifile, fparam, fboundary, fsource,
method, upwinding, weights);
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