Commit 48c0f28b authored by Dion Haefner's avatar Dion Haefner


parent 2fb383ac
......@@ -20,13 +20,18 @@ def evaluate(iniinfo,runtime):
f1_data, f1_attrs = read_parameter_file(outfile)
f2_data, f2_attrs = read_parameter_file(reference)
if f1_data.keys() != f2_data.keys() or f1_attrs.keys() != f2_attrs.keys():
print("Keys do not match")
if f1_data.keys() != f2_data.keys():
print("Data keys do not match: Got {} and {}".format(" ,".join(f1_data.keys()),
" ,".join(f2_data.keys()))
return False
if f1_attrs.keys() != f2_attrs.keys():
print("Attribute keys do not match: Got {} and {}".format(" ,".join(f1_attrs.keys()),
" ,".join(f2_attrs.keys()))
for key in f1_data.keys():
if not np.array_equal(f1_data[key],f2_data[key]):
print("Attributes do not match")
print("Attributes do not match: Got {} and {}".format(repr(f1_data),repr(f2_data)))
return False
for key in f1_data.keys():
......@@ -4,6 +4,7 @@ __name = reference_evaporation
_test_command = run
_asset_path = "${CMAKE_CURRENT_LIST_DIR}"
_evaluation = reference
_reference.path = {_asset_path}/references/evaporation/
output.fileName = reference_evaporation | unique name
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