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......@@ -17,34 +17,33 @@ DORiE is a [DUNE]( module and requires several other D
In any case, DORiE is configured, build, and installed via the [DUNE Buildsystem](, using the `dunecontrol` script to handle DUNE-internal dependencies.
## Docker Installation
Install Docker on your machine. Then, download the [DORiE DUNE Environment Repository]( from [Dockerhub](, by executing
docker pull dorie/dune-env
Run a new container from the v2.4 image by calling
Install Docker on your machine. We prepared the [DORiE DUNE Environment Image]( on [Dockerhub]( It's an image of the Ubuntu OS with all dependencies readily installed. The current version is v2.4 (referencing the DUNE module versions 2.4).
Run a new container from this image by calling
docker run -i -t dorie/dune-env:2.4 /bin/bash
Additionally, use the `-v` option of the `run` command to mount a local directory into the container:
Docker will automatically download the image if you did not already `docker pull` it. Use the `-v` option of the `run` command to mount a local directory into the container:
-v <hostdir/dorie>:/opt/dune/dorie
This way, you can access the content of the (still empty) folder of the virtual machine from your local `<hostdir>/dorie` directory.
This way, you can access the content of the (still empty) folder of the virtual machine from your local `<hostdir>/dorie` directory. *Mounting directories is not possible after your container has been started!*
Next, `git clone` the DORiE repository into the shared folder. Enter the container, and execute
dunecontrol --only=dorie all
to build DORiE.
to build DORiE. Lastly, install the DORiE binaries by calling
dunecontrol --only=dorie make install
### Update DUNE
The DUNE modules in the repository might be outdated. You can update to the newest versions by calling
dunecontrol update
Then compile all modules again by executing
Then compile and install all modules again by executing
dunecontrol all
dunecontrol all && dunecontrol make install
## Manual Installation
......@@ -130,6 +129,7 @@ The following instructions follow the installation instructions on a 'clean' Ubu
4. Clone the DUNE modules and DORiE into a suitable folder on your machine. Make sure that you `git checkout` the specified branches. Enter the folder, and call
./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol all -DCMAKE_CXX_FLAGS="-O3"
./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol make install
If you installed software into paths not appended to your `PATH` variable, you will have to add a custom options file to make sure that CMake finds all packages. See the [DUNE Installation Instructions]( for details. CMake will throw an error if required packages are not found.
......@@ -156,11 +156,23 @@ The documentation can be built after DORiE has been properly configured (i.e., b
The documentation files can now be found in the subfolder `dorie/build-cmake/doc`.
## Usage
DORiE installs a binary wrapper to access the functions and executables of DORiE from any location on your device. After a successful installation, you can call the wrapper by simply executing
dorie <command>
To start your first simulation run, create a new directory and enter it. Place some exemplary configuration files in there by calling
dorie create
Tweak the paramters to your liking and then call
dorie run <inifile>
The DORiE executables each expect a single `.ini` configuration file as input.
to execute the program.
./dorie config.ini
List all available commands and find further help by executing
dorie help
## Troubleshooting
In case you encounter errors or strange behavior, you should first take a look at the [List of Known Bugs]( For problems related to the installation, refer to the sections below.
......@@ -172,5 +184,5 @@ You can execute system tests in order to ensure that DORiE is running correctly
You will be informed whether each test has been passed or failed, and you may find additional output in the DORiE build directory.
### Further help
### Further Help
Open an issue, or write to the [DORiE developer mailing list](
\ No newline at end of file
include /home/dion/codes/dune/dorie/build-cmake/doc/parameters/default.ini
include /opt/dune/dorie/build-cmake/doc/parameters/default.ini
__inifile_optionkey = run
_asset_path = "/home/dion/codes/dune/dorie/testing"
_asset_path = "/opt/dune/dorie/testing"
_evaluation = convergence, correlation
output.fileName = convergence | unique
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