Commit 4afc3765 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

Switch format in config file timestamp to YYYY-MM-DD

parent 8d090093
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ def write(parameters,out,*args,**kwargs):
with open(out,"w") as f:
f.write("# Parameter file created by the DORiE parameter scraper\n")
f.write("# {0:%d-%m-%Y, %H:%M}\n\n".format(
f.write("# {0:%Y-%m-%d, %H:%M}\n\n".format(
f.write("# Make sure to at least define all parameters marked with 'UNDEFINED'\n\n")
for category in parameters:
......@@ -38,7 +38,7 @@ def write(parameters,out,*args,**kwargs):
raise TypeError("Input dict must contain a iterables of Parameter instances")
if p.comment:
comment_oneline = p.comment.replace("\n"," ")
f.write("\n# {0}\n".format(comment_oneline))
f.write("# {0}\n".format(comment_oneline))
if p.suggestion:
f.write("{0} = {1}\n".format(p.key,p.suggestion))
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