Commit 510cac44 authored by Santiago's avatar Santiago
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[Coupling] Improve log output

parent 64da7594
......@@ -76,9 +76,7 @@ void RichardsTransportCouplingSimulation<Traits>::step()
// always do an step of richards
this->_log->trace(" Start Richards step");
this->_log->trace(" End Richards step");
TimeField time_end = _richards->current_time();
......@@ -100,7 +98,7 @@ void RichardsTransportCouplingSimulation<Traits>::step()
// set instatonary grid functions to the transport solver
this->_log->trace(" Transfer data from Richards to Transport");
this->_log->trace("Transfer data from Richards to Transport");
......@@ -109,9 +107,7 @@ void RichardsTransportCouplingSimulation<Traits>::step()
_time_transport = _transport->current_time();
_transport->suggest_timestep(_time_richards - _time_transport);
this->_log->trace(" Start Transport step");
this->_log->trace(" End Transport step");
// intermediate adapt if policy targets solute
if (adaptivity_policy() == AdaptivityPolicy::SoluteFlux and
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