Commit 515463a7 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

added parameter query offsets to error indicator as well

parent 64ba9638
......@@ -142,15 +142,22 @@ namespace Dune {
for (unsigned int i = 0; i<lfsu_n.size(); i++)
// offset for parameter queries
const RF eps = 1e-9;
// parameter queries: inside
const Domain xGlobal_s = ig.inside().geometry().global(local_s);
Domain xGlobal_s = ig.inside().geometry().global(local_s);
xGlobal_s = xGlobal_s.axpy(-eps,n_F);
const RF head_s = param.headMillerToRef(u_s,xGlobal_s);
const RF satCond_s = param.condRefToMiller(param.K(xGlobal_s),xGlobal_s);
const RF saturation_s = param.saturation(head_s,xGlobal_s);
const RF condFactor_s = param.condFactor(saturation_s,xGlobal_s);
// outside
const Domain xGlobal_n = ig.outside().geometry().global(local_n);
Domain xGlobal_n = ig.outside().geometry().global(local_n);
xGlobal_n = xGlobal_n.axpy(eps,n_F);
const RF head_n = param.headMillerToRef(u_n,xGlobal_n);
const RF satCond_n = param.condRefToMiller(param.K(xGlobal_n),xGlobal_n);
const RF saturation_n = param.saturation(head_n,xGlobal_n);
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