Commit 52abe2f4 authored by Dion Haefner's avatar Dion Haefner

pass artifacts to test job

parent f794c800
...@@ -12,12 +12,15 @@ stages: ...@@ -12,12 +12,15 @@ stages:
build_job: build_job:
script: script:
- pwd
- ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie all - ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie all
- ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie make install - ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie make install
stage: build stage: build
untracked: true
test_job: test_job:
script: script:
- ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie make test - ./dune-common/bin/dunecontrol --only=dorie make test
stage: test stage: test
- build_job
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