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* New classes representing parameterizations. Every parameterization must now
derive from `RichardsParameterization`, and return function objects
representing parameterization functions.
* CMake module `DorieTesting.cmake`. The module contains multiple functions
which facilitate registering tests in the two new testing categories:
System tests and Unit tests. Unit tests are compiled with appropriate flags
for code coverage reports.
* Code coverage reports for unit tests. Detailed reports can be retrieved from
the artifacts of the `test:unit-tests` test in the folder
`build-cmake/test/coverage`. The total coverage is reported to GitLab.
### Changed
* `Simulation` is renamed `RichardsSimulation` and moved to
......@@ -41,6 +48,9 @@
usual `VTKSequenceWriter` for grid functions called
* Swich to the stable release branch `releases/2.6` of `dune-testtools`.
* The `build` CI stage now explicitly builds system tests and unit tests. The
job `build:main` has been removed. The `build:debug` jobs now build the
unit test targets.
### Deprecated
* The configuration file key `[parameters.interpolation]` is deprecated due to
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