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......@@ -21,4 +21,4 @@ USE_MATHJAX = YES
# EXCLUDE += @top_srcdir@/...
# Include documents with other extesions
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -28,17 +28,6 @@
// Main program with grid setup
* \mainpage DORiE \n
* __Dune Operated Richards Equation Solving Environment__ \n
* _by Lukas Riedel, Felix Riexinger, Dion Häfner_ \n
* \n
* Easy access links for the most important documentation pages:
* \see main Main Program Function
* \see Dune::Dorie::FlowBoundary Class handling Boundary Condition query functions
* \see Dune::Dorie::FlowSource Class handling Source Term query functions
template<typename Traits>
using Sim = Dune::Dorie::RichardsSimulation<Traits>;
......@@ -54,21 +43,7 @@ template<int dim, int order>
using CubeAdaptive = Dune::Dorie::RichardsSimulationTraits<Dune::Dorie::BaseTraits<Dune::UGGrid<dim>,
/// Main Program Function: Initialize parameter file reader, build grid and call Richards Solver.
/** As simplex and rectangular grids demand different FiniteElementMaps, the program calls different functions for these tasks.
* The objects and types are then passed to the generic solver function.\n
* The UG Grid and FEM templates need the dimension as _constexpr_ at compile time,
* so we need the tedious dim and FEorder queries.
* \see RichardsSolver Main functions for assembling operators and solving the problem
* \see RichardsSolverSimplex Helper for building simplex Grid Function Spaces
* \see RichardsSolverRectangular Helper for building rectangular Grid Function Spaces
* \see Dune::Dorie::Traits Variable type definitions
* \check Parameter file is specified
* \check Output directory is writable
* \check Finite Element Order is supported
* \check Grid type is supported
* \check Dimensions are supported
/// Main Program Function: Read config file, build grid and call Richards Solver
int main(int argc, char** argv)
@mainpage DORiE Doxygen Documentation
Dune Operated Richards Equation Solving Environment
For authors and license information, please refer to the license file in the
top-level directory.
@section Introduction
DORiE implements a solver for Richards Equation based on DUNE and DUNE-PDELab.
This is the developers' documentation of the source code. Refer to the user
documentation built by `make doc` for detailed information on how to use the
complete program.
A good starting point for diving into the code is the Modules page.
You find it in the navigation bar above.
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