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message(STATUS "Build Type: Default")
message(STATUS "Build Type: None")
message(STATUS "Build Type: ${CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE}")
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## Troubleshooting
In case you encounter errors or strange behavior, you should first take a look at the [List of Known Bugs]( For problems related to the installation, refer to the sections below.
### Debugging
DORiE supports debugging builds via CMake. Navigate to the build directory (`dorie/build-cmake`) and delete all its contents. Then execute
cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug .. && make all
to reconfigure DORiE into a debugging build. This builds DORiE without optimization and inlcudes debugging flags. After building, a debugger can hook into the executables.
**Notice:** If no `CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE` is specified during re-configuration, the last configuration build type is used. If no CMake files exist, it defaults to `None`. You will find the actual value displayed in the final output of CMake.
To re-create a default build, configure DORiE with the default build type (`None`) by executing
cmake -D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=None .. && make all
### DORiE is running, but I suspect that something is wrong
You can execute system tests in order to ensure that DORiE is running correctly and producing the expected results. Navigate to the build directory (`dorie/build-cmake`) end execute
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