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Added docs for experimental DG keys

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......@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ set(CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_DEBUG "${CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS_DEBUG} -Wall -Werror")
# option to change DG scheme via config file
"Set DG method and upwinding scheme in config file"
"Enable experimental DG settings through the config file"
......@@ -265,6 +265,43 @@ adding an empty line, make text **bold** or ``monospaced``.
<category name="dg.experimental">
<parameter name="method">
<definition> DG discretization method for skeleton terms.
**SIPG:** Symmetric Interior Penalty
**NIPG:** Non-Symmetric Interior Penalty
**OOB:** Oden, Babuska, Baumann: no penalty term
**IIP:** Incomplete Interior Penalty: no symmetry term
<values> SIPG, NIPG, OOB, IIP </values>
<suggestion> SIPG </suggestion>
<comment> Experimental settings are enabled by the appropriate CMake flag.
<parameter name="upwinding">
<definition> Upwinding method for skeleton terms.
**semiUpwind:** Apply upwinding to conductivity factor (only).
**fullUpwind:** Apply upwinding on numeric flux and conductivity.
<values> none, semiUpwind, fullUpwind </values>
<suggestion> semiUpwind </suggestion>
<parameter name="weights">
<definition> Apply harmonic weighting to skeleton term contributions.
<values> true, false </values>
<suggestion> true </suggestion>
<category name="NewtonParameters">
<parameter name="ReassembleThreshold" hidden="true">
<definition> If the ratio between last and current calculation defect exceeds this value,
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