Commit 5f2d20b8 authored by Hannes Bauser's avatar Hannes Bauser
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Add outflow BC to Richards FV local operator - part 2

parent 4b3029a5
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ public:
const auto saturation_f_i = _param->saturation_f();
const auto conductivity_f_i = _param->conductivity_f();
if (BoundaryCondition::isDirichlet(bc))
if (BoundaryCondition::isDirichlet(bc) || BoundaryCondition::isOutflow(bc))
const auto geo_i = entity_i.geometry();
const auto center_position_i_g =;
  • Yeah, obviously 🙈

  • As far as I remember, we don't have any outflow condition implemented to the Richards operators, this function was implemented for the transport case.

  • Correct. We use this option for an outflow BC in the Richards model, where it is a special case of a Dirichlet BC. This is a bit of a hack, and we don't want it to become part of the main code base like this. But !121 (merged) will rework the BC handling anyway and we can add a proper Richards outflow BC in a subsequent MR.

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