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* Mention required input files.
* PFG module is optional.
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......@@ -250,20 +250,24 @@ by calling
dorie create
DORiE encapsulates two main routines, the Parameter Field Generator (PFG) and
the main program routine. Each takes a single `.ini` configuration file as
Tweak the parameters of `parfield.ini` to your liking and then call
DORiE implements a lightweight wrapper around the `dune-randomfield`
generator. You can use it to easily create a heterogeneous soil architecture.
This step is optional. Tweak the parameters of `parfield.ini` to your liking
and then call
dorie pfg parfield.ini
to create a parameter field file. Do the same with the `config.ini`, while
ensuring that you use the parameter field file you just created. Then call
The DORiE main routine is executed with the `run` command.
Tweak the parameters of `config.ini` to your liking. You will need to
reference several additional input files for soil parameters, boundary
conditions, GMSH grid files (optional), and grid mappings (optional).
Refer to the documentation for further information.
Once prepared, call
dorie run config.ini
to execute the main program.
to execute the solver.
## Troubleshooting
CMake heavily caches the results of its configuration process. In case you encounter errors or strange behavior, especially after an update, you should delete the DORiE build folder (called `build-cmake` by default) and re-install DORiE using `dunecontrol`.
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