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......@@ -60,7 +60,8 @@ DORiE is a [DUNE]( module and requires several other
DUNE modules as well as third party software packages. Installation can be
handled manually on your local machine, but we recommend using a pre-compiled
image for the deployment software [Docker]( to
inexperienced users instead.
inexperienced users instead. Docker can also be used to create a development
environment without installing the dependencies on the host machine.
### Download Docker Image
......@@ -85,6 +86,22 @@ You can then proceed directly to the the instructions on
to the usual commands for running a Docker container. See the description on
Docker Hub for further details.
#### Use Docker for Development
An intermediate solution for creating a development environment without
installing all dependencies is using the
[DUNE environment Docker image]( of
DORiE. It is based on a Ubuntu image and contains all dependencies of DORiE.
Developers can clone the DORiE source code onto their host system, modify it
there and then mount the directory into the Docker image to compile the program.
To start a container from the image with the local `<dorie_dir>` mounted,
docker run -it -v <dorie_dir>:/opt/dune/ dorie/dune-env:<tag>
Inside the container, you can then execute the `dunecontrol` script as explained
in the installation instructions further below.
### Dependencies
Depending on your system configuration, there will be more packages necessary to
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