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### Added
* DORiE now depends on [`yaml-cpp`](, a
library for reading YAML files. The version required is >=5.2.0.
* New classes representing parameterizations. Every parameterization must now
derive from `RichardsParameterization`, and return function objects
representing parameterization functions.
### Changed
* `Simulation` is renamed `RichardsSimulation` and moved to
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* `RichardsSimulation` now has its own `RichardsSimulationTraits` derived from
`BaseTraits`, which defines all its member types. `BaseTraits` now have
reduced content and are intended to be shared between models/simulations.
* Data structures for storing and accessing parameters. The new class
`FlowParameters` maps parameter sets and scaling factors to every grid cell
on the coarsest grid level, and only stores one set of parameters for
each soil layer. Before querying the parameterization functions, users need
to call `FlowParameters::bind` with a grid entity to cache the appropriate
data. All classes and functions querying parameter data have been updated.
The old parameterization classes located in
[`param_factory.hh`](dune/dorie/solver/param_factory.hh), and
are still used for reading in data for the new storage scheme.
The respective objects are freed once a simulation commences.
### Deprecated
* The configuration file key `[parameters.interpolation]` is deprecated due to
the new scheme for storing parameterization data. DORiE now only supports
nearest-neighbor interpolation of parameters and scaling factors.
## 1.1.1 (2018-08-21)
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