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Update docker/

Add information on CI stages automatically triggering.

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......@@ -25,15 +25,11 @@ Both images are updated by the GitLab CI/CD Pipeline defined in
The `setup` build stage is builds a new DUNE environment image "from scratch".
It is triggered by running a pipeline with the CI variable `REBUILD_BASE_IMAGE`
set to a non-empty value. This is achieved by manually starting the pipeline
from the GitLab web interface ("CI/CD" - "Pipelines" - "Run Pipeline") and
entering the variable as well as an arbitrary value. This should only be
necessary if dependencies or their required versions change.
The `prep` stage updates all APT and DUNE packages in the DUNE environment image
and is run whenever a pipeline includes the deployment of a new application
image. Both stages are automatically triggered if the respective Dockerfiles
are changed. The `prep` stage is additionally executed for every push to
the `master` branch or a tag.
The `deploy` stage deploys DORiE application images. It compiles DORiE into the
DUNE environment image. This stage is only run if tags are pushed or commits
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