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More details about finite elements for flux reconstruction.

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@defgroup FiniteElement Finite element
@ingroup Common
@todo document finite element
This group collects implementations of the different finite elements and
finite element maps not provided by dune-localfunctions and dune-pdelab
### Raviart Thomas for flux reconstruction.
The finite elements for raviart thomas, for dg raviart thomas and for skeleton
are associated to the flux reconstruction methods and most of them shouldn't
are used to generate grid function spaces as is used to in dune-pdelab. When
modifying the Raviart Thomas dg take into a account that the local key is used
from a local map to global coefficients of the vector, it means that the dg
local keys use more memory while the non-dg don't because they (the non-dg)
share degrees of freedom in codimension 1. However, shared coefficients
(non-dg) need to be oriented to be able to represent continuity in grid
function spaces. Since orientation is not available in general for simpleces,
we have to enforce dg keys.
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