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to call `FlowParameters::bind` with a grid entity to cache the appropriate
data. All classes and functions querying parameter data have been updated.
The old parameterization classes located in
[`param_factory.hh`](dune/dorie/solver/param_factory.hh), and
are still used for reading in data for the new storage scheme.
The respective objects are freed once a simulation commences.
The old parameterization classes have been removed.
* `RichardsSimulation` now uses one vector of coefficients instead of two, which
now is a `shared_ptr` instead a `unique_ptr`.
* Every `VTKAdapter` is now able to be used as `GridFunctionAdapter` of the
......@@ -72,6 +67,23 @@
* The `dorie` CLI has been moved into the DORiE Python package. It can now only
be invoked after activating the DUNE virtual environment. The usage
instructions in docs and `` have been updated accordingly.
* Soil architecture and parameter input has been completely revised.
DORiE now expects a YAML file containing parameterization data and separate
domain mapping data which can be supplied through the input GMSH file, or as
H5 dataset. See the documentation for more information. Several keys in the
main routine config file have been changed.
See [#86](
* The Parameter Field Generator (PFG) module has been revised and does not
write parameterization data anymore.
It can be used to create mappings for heterogeneous media through the
binary converter, or continuous scaling fields (feature pending).
Several keys in the PFG config file have been changed.
See [#86](
### Deprecated
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