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Add user docs for water content IC

parent e029672c
......@@ -95,7 +95,22 @@ Initial condition tranformations for the Richards solver.
* ``quantity = matricHead``
The input data is directly interpreted as matric head
:math:`f = h_m [\mathrm{m}]`.
:math:`f = h_m \, [\mathrm{m}]`.
.. object:: Water Content to Matric Head
* ``quantity = waterContent``
The input data is interpreted as water content,
:math:`f = \theta \, [\text{-}]`, and transformed into matric head via the
:doc:`parameterization <parameter-file>` of the medium.
Values greater than the porosity :math:`\phi` and less than the residual
water content :math:`\theta_r` are automatically clamped to fit the allowed
range. Additionally, any input value :math:`f(x_0)` at some position
:math:`x_0` on the grid will result in a saturation greater zero,
:math:`\Theta (x_0) > 0`, to avoid divergence of the matric head towards
negative infinity.
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