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readme: add installation instructions for anaconda users

see #13
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......@@ -105,6 +105,8 @@ Depending on your system configuration, there will be more packages necessary to
### Step-by-step Instructions
These instructions are suitable for a clean **Ubuntu** or **Mac OS X** setup. The main difference between the two systems is the package manager. Debian-based systems have the APT manager already built in. On Mac, we recommend installing [Homebrew]( If you prefer to use [MacPorts](, you need to check if some of the packages require different installation options than displayed here.
If you installed [Anaconda]( on your machine, you don't need to install Python or Pip. Simply skip these packages when using the package managers for installing the software. However, notice the warnings when compiling DORiE below!
1. **Mac OS X** users need to start by installing the Apple Command Line Tools by executing
xcode-select --install
......@@ -152,6 +154,12 @@ These instructions are suitable for a clean **Ubuntu** or **Mac OS X** setup. Th
to build all DUNE modules. Additionally, you can add `MAKE_FLAGS="-j X"` before the call to `dunecontrol` to compile on `X` processes in parallel.
If you installed software into paths not appended to your `PATH` variable, you will have to add `CMAKE_FLAGS` to the call to make sure that CMake finds all packages. Alternatively, you can add a custom options file. See the [DUNE Installation Instructions]( for details. CMake will throw an error if required packages are not found.
**Warning:** Anacoda supplies its own version of HDF5 which is typically found first by CMake. If you have Anaconda installed on your machine, add
to the `CMAKE_FLAGS` in the call to `dunecontrol` above.
5. After a successful build you can call the `dorie` wrapper located in `dorie/build-cmake/bin` from anywhere on your machine, but it is more handy to add this location to your search path. You can add the directory to your `PATH` variable by calling
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