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Rename doc pages for 'dorie' CLI and config file cheat sheet

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DORiE Wrapper Script
DORiE Command Line Interface
DORiE consists of two main executables and multiple utility scripts. This wrapper script supplies input files, and manages the execution of these routines. It takes three main arguments:
DORiE Parameter File Guide
DORiE Configuration File Guide
.. contents::
:depth: 2
......@@ -44,10 +44,23 @@ A set of rules defines this syntax:
.. _inifile-cheatsheet:
Cheat Sheet
Cheat Sheets
These cheat sheets are automatically generated by
:doc:`the Parameter Scraper <python-dorie-parscraper>`.
The configuration files are used for the Parameter Field Generator module and
the main simulation routine. They are executed by `dorie pfg <config>` and
`dorie run <config>`, respectively, see the
:doc:`CLI documentation <python-dorie-wrapper>`.
Parameter Field Generator
.. include:: default_files/field-parameters.rst
This is a description of all parameters that have to be specified to run DORiE.
It is automatically generated by :doc:`the Parameter Scraper <python-dorie-parscraper>`.
Main Routine
.. include:: default_files/parameters.rst
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