The TS-GitLab will have to shut down towards the end of the year — please think about migrating your projects to or GitHub.
(This is still a very early message, meant to keep you informed. There will be more urgent ones in the future.)

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## Unreleased
### Added
* Documentation of Docker images and their usage in the CI/CD pipeline.
### Changed
* Rebuilds of the DUNE environment Docker image are now triggered by setting the
CI variable `REBUILD_BASE_IMAGE` to a non-empty value. Previously, the
builds in stage `setup` where triggered by any manual pipeline run.
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### Fixed
* Removed VTK output from `dorie_mass_conservation` executable, which would
cause the corresponding test to fail if the designated output directory did
not exist.
* Removed CI artifacts of `test` stage from `deploy` jobs.
## 1.1.0 (2018-07-27)
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