Commit a87d39d1 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

Specify correct root path for gcovr. Reverse order to ensure coverage report

parent 237ad00a
......@@ -177,8 +177,8 @@ test:unit-tests:
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie configure
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie make unit_tests
# report coverage
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie bexec "./run-in-dune-env gcovr"
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie bexec "./run-in-dune-env gcovr --html -o build-cmake/test/coverage.html"
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie bexec "./run-in-dune-env gcovr --root ../ --html -o coverage.html"
- $DUNECONTROL --only=dorie bexec "./run-in-dune-env gcovr --root ../"
coverage: '/^TOTAL.*\s+(\d+\%)$/'
# --- Deploy jobs ---
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