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......@@ -37,6 +37,7 @@ dune_cmake_sphinx_doc(SPHINX_CONF ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/
DORiE Wrapper Script
DORiE consists of two main executables and multiple utility scripts. This wrapper script supplies input files, and manages the execution of these routines. It takes three main arguments:
.. object::
The script is technically a Python script but can be executed with a simple `./dorie` command.
.. option:: dorie create
This command creates input files for executing DORiE. They are set up with the default values supplied by the :doc:`Parameter Scraper <dorie.parscraper>` and have to be adapted for the first program run.
.. option:: pfg <config>
Execute the DORiE Parameter Field Generator. Given a config file (default: `parfield.ini`), this command will create a parameter field file in the H5 format representing the soil architecture for the simulation.
.. option:: run <config>
Execute the DORiE PDE solver. Depending on the options given in the config file (default: `config.ini`), the command will execute the main solver routine.
.. option:: plot <vtk>
Call the Python plotting script on a single `.vtk` file. Prints the values of the specified (or all) variables into `.png`files.
.. option:: -h
Print help messages. This option can be combined with all other options for details on how to formulate the command and its arguments
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