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Commit b6120e31 authored by Santiago Ospina's avatar Santiago Ospina

Added changelog for multiple models in inifiles changes

Signed-off-by: Santiago Ospina De Los Ríos's avatarSantiago Ospina <>
parent 79b12016
......@@ -91,11 +91,37 @@
`read_dataset` function is now capable of directly opening dataset paths
that contain groups.
* The following changes were done in order to have a consistent API to support
different models:
* Folder structure has changed to a model based structure: in the main
[c++ source directory](dune/dorie/) there now is a `common` folder, and
a folder for `models`. Each model has its own folder in `models` (i.e
* The API has been updated to support several models: from now, categories
that target a specific model has to be preceded by a keyword
identifying the corresponding model (e.g. `richards.initial`,
`richards.output`, etc.), while common categories stay with no prefix
at all (e.g. `grid`, `adaptivity`, etc.).
* The parameter scraper now accepts the argument `--model <model>` which
adds the prefix `<model>.` to every category in the scraper. This helps
to be able to use the method `sub()` from the `ParameterTree` object.
* Parameter documentation has been split as it was done for folders
(see [source folder for documentation](doc/default_files)).
### Deprecated
* The configuration file key `[parameters.interpolation]` is deprecated due to
the new scheme for storing parameterization data. DORiE now only supports
nearest-neighbor interpolation of parameters and scaling factors.
* The `adaptivity.useAdaptity` keyword is deprecated, please use the new keyword
`adaptivity.policy` (see the [DORiE Configuration File Guide documentation]
for details).
### Removed
* The class `H5File::AttributeReader` was completely removed.
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