Commit c1ed2d7c authored by Dion Häfner's avatar Dion Häfner

Merge branch 'debug/time-step-adjustment' into 'master'

time steps are now adjusted properly to BC changes

The time step adjustment until now has stepped to time `changeTime`+`dtmin`, with `changeTime` being the time stamp at which the BC changes. This led to an overestimation of the new BC because the time step scheme does some kind of (linear?) interpolation of the residual from start to finish of one time step.

As a workaround, the time step is now adjusted to `changeTime-eps`. This way, the new BC is not considered at the end of the time step. After a successful computation, the time is adjusted to `changeTime`, i.e., Dorie advances the time by `eps` without any computation. At the beginning of the new time step only the new BC is considered.

See merge request !7
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