Commit c7a8abdf authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

Support plotting fluxes through KnoFuPlotter

Distinguish plotting of states and fluxes. A separate call to plot
fluxes now reconstructs fluxes and plots them as vertex data into the
specified path.
parent 38c78add
......@@ -28,15 +28,18 @@ private:
using U = typename Base::U;
/// Type of the discrete grid function based on the solution vector
using GFSolution = typename Base::GFSolution;
/// Type of the flux grid function
using GFFluxReconstruction = typename Traits::GFFluxReconstruction;
/// Type of the VTK function adapter based on the solution grid function
using VTKFunction = Dune::PDELab::VTKGridFunctionAdapter<GFSolution>;
template<class GF>
using VTKFunction = Dune::PDELab::VTKGridFunctionAdapter<GF>;
/// VTK writer
Dune::SubsamplingVTKWriter<typename Traits::GV> vtkwriter;
/// State storage
std::vector<std::shared_ptr<U>> member_states;
/// Name storage associated with respective state
std::vector<std::string> member_names;
/// State storage (name, solution, time)
double>> member_storage;
/// Output file encoding
const Dune::VTK::OutputType output_type;
......@@ -66,46 +69,114 @@ public:
* supplied.
* \param state State vector (water content)
* \param name Name of the state (i.e. member number)
* \param time The simulation time associated with this state
* (required for flux reconstruction)
void add_solution_to_output (
const BackendVector& state,
const std::string& name)
const std::string& name,
const double time)
auto solution = std::make_shared<U>(*this->gfs, 0.0);
Dune::PDELab::Backend::native(*solution) = state;
auto state_copy = std::make_shared<U>(*this->gfs, 0.0);
Dune::PDELab::Backend::native(*state_copy) = state;
member_storage.emplace_back(name, state_copy, time);
/// Write all stored states into a .vtu file. Then clear all data
/// Release the data stored in this object
void clear ()
// release data
/// Write all stored states into a .vtu file.
/** Create discrete grid functions and VTK functions from the saved
* states.
* \param path Path to write into
* \param name Filename to write
void write_output (const std::string& path, const std::string& name)
void write_state (const std::string& path, const std::string& name)
const auto vertex_data
= this->inifile.template get<bool>("output.vertexData");
for(auto&& member : member_storage)
// fetch data from storage
const auto& state = std::get<std::shared_ptr<U>>(member);
const auto& name = std::get<std::string>(member);
// stack VTKFunctions into writer
auto solution = std::make_shared<GFSolution>(this->gfs,
using VTKF = VTKFunction<GFSolution>;
add_vtk_data(std::make_shared<VTKF>(solution, name), vertex_data);
write_vtk_output(path, name);
/// Transform all stored states into fluxes and write these into a file
void write_flux (const std::string& path, const std::string& name)
// stack VTKFunctions into writer
for(size_t i = 0; i < member_states.size(); ++i) {
auto dgf = std::make_shared<GFSolution>(*this->gfs,
auto dgf_vtk = std::make_shared<VTKFunction>(dgf,;
if (this->inifile.template get<bool>("output.vertexData"))
for(auto&& member : member_storage)
// fetch data from storage
const auto& state = std::get<std::shared_ptr<U>>(member);
const auto& name = std::get<std::string>(member);
const auto& time = std::get<double>(member);
// copy the state
const auto state_head = std::make_shared<U>(*state);
// Transform water content into matric head
using GFWaterContentToHead = typename Base::GFWaterContentToHead;
if (this->_solution_type == FilterSolutionType::water_content)
const auto wc_solution = std::make_shared<GFSolution>(this->gfs,
GFWaterContentToHead head_gf(this->inifile,
Dune::PDELab::interpolate(head_gf, *this->gfs, *state_head);
// reconstruct the flux
typename Traits::State state_pack{this->gfs, state_head, time};
auto dgf = this->get_water_flux_reconstructed(state_pack);
// stack VTKFunctions into writer
using VTKF = VTKFunction<GFFluxReconstruction>;
add_vtk_data(std::make_shared<VTKF>(dgf, name), true);
// write output
write_vtk_output(path, name);
/// Write the data stored in the VTK writer
void write_vtk_output (const std::string& path,
const std::string& name,
const bool clear_writer=true)
vtkwriter.pwrite(name, path, "", output_type);
// release data
if (clear_writer)
/// Add a VTK grid function to the
template<typename VTKGridFunction>
void add_vtk_data (const std::shared_ptr<VTKGridFunction> vtk_gf,
const bool vertex_data)
if (vertex_data)
  • @lriedel Remember that the flux reconstruction engine is not available for every polynomial order. Use the enable_rt_engine bool in Traits to either ensure that this will always work (e.g. not printing when unavailable), or by restricting KnoFu interface for valid combinations of the engine.

  • Thanks for the heads-up! We currently do the latter: The interface is restricted to low-order cases, namely orders 0 and 1 for now.

  • Yeah, I know, I am just suggesting a static_assert so that higher-order instantiations (who knows) have an appropriate error message and not a messy and long template error message.

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