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......@@ -25,9 +25,9 @@ Templates for the required files can conveniently be generated with the
Specifies the soil parameterization type(s) and parameters.
Template: ``param.yml``
* :doc:`Boundary Condition Data File </manual/bcfile>` (``.bcdat``):
* :doc:`Boundary Condition Data File </manual/bcfile>` (``.yml``):
Specifies the boundary segmentation and the boundary conditions.
Templates: ``2d_infiltr.bcdat``, ``3d_infiltr.bcdat``
Templates: ``infiltration.yml``, ``solute.yml``.
* :ref:`GMSH Mesh File <man-grid_gmsh>` (optional): Mesh with possibly
complicated geometry to build an unstructured grid from.
......@@ -184,4 +184,28 @@ A boundary condition has the following template:
seepage through the boundary. It is recommended to set this value to
0 (zero).
Example Files
DORiE provides a set of example files which can be placed into any directory
using the ``dorie create`` command of the
:ref:`Command Line Interface <man-cli-commands>`.
Using the default mapping of a rectangular grid, the default boundary condition
file for the Richards model yields a strong infiltration flux at the upper
boundary and a water table at the lower boundary, while all other boundaries
are impermeable. The ``horizontal_projection`` parameter ensures that the given
value is the rainfall per unit area in case the surface is tilted or
irregularly shaped.
.. literalinclude:: ../default_files/infiltration.yml
:language: yaml
The default boundary condition file for the Transport model yields a constant
concentration of solute at the upper boundary, similar to a homogeneous tracer
in the fluid. All other boundaries employ outflow conditions.
.. literalinclude:: ../default_files/solute.yml
:language: yaml
.. _YAML:
......@@ -68,6 +68,7 @@ successful. You can deactivate the ``venv`` at any time by executing
You are now ready to use the DORiE Command Line Interface!
.. _man-cli-commands:
CLI Commands
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