The TS-GitLab will have to shut down towards the end of the year — please think about migrating your projects to or GitHub.
(This is still a very early message, meant to keep you informed. There will be more urgent ones in the future.)

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Update doc link in and environment URL for job

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......@@ -210,4 +210,4 @@ deploy:sphinx-docs:
-P $CI_PROJECT_DIR/build-cmake/doc/html
name: sphinx-docs
\ No newline at end of file
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......@@ -158,7 +158,7 @@ The following software packages are cross-platform, so you should be able to fin
## Documentation
The documentation of the current `master` branch can be found [online]( (password: `richards`).
The documentation of the latest release branch can be found [online](
The documentation can be built after DORiE has been properly configured (i.e., by calling `dunecontrol`). Note that you might have to re-configure DORiE once after installing it, because some dependencies are installed at configure time (e.g. by `dunecontrol --only=dorie configure`). To build the documentation, just run
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