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* Add entry on SubsamplingVTKWriter
* Add section 'Deprecated' with entry for `subsamplingLevel`

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## Unreleased
### Added
* DORiE now employs a `SubsamplingVTKWriter` for higher output precision.
Subsampling levels are controlled via the new key `output.subsamplingLevel`.
* Automatic deployment of `devel` and stable DORiE Docker Images to Docker Hub
* Automatic update of the DUNE environment Docker Image for `master` builds
* CI pipeline now also compiles a Debug build with the LLVM Clang compiler
......@@ -21,7 +23,12 @@
sequential ones. This significantly improves performance for large problems.
* Change compilation order which reduces RAM usage when compiling in parallel.
* Decentralization of the header system so that in most of the header files are
independent of each other
independent of each other
### Deprecated
* `output.subsamplingLevel` is optional and defaults to 0 if not given
explicitly in the config file. The key will become mandatory in future
### Fixed
* The source code is now compatible to the Clang LLVM compiler.
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