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[Doc] Add IO info

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......@@ -49,13 +49,19 @@ Output Files
* VTK Files (``.vtu``): The output data in unstructured grid format.
It contains multiple datasets:
.. object:: Richards
- ``head``: Matric head
- ``K0``: Saturated conductivity
- ``flux``: Water flux (not reconstructed!)
- ``flux_RT<k-1>``: Water flux reconstructed (if enabled!)
- ``theta_w``: Volumetric water content
- ``Theta``: Water saturation
.. object:: Transport
- ``solute``: Solute concentration
- ``solute_total``: Total solute
- ``flux_RT<k-1>``: Solute flux reconstructed (if enabled!)
* VTK Parallel Collection Files (``.pvtu``): Merging multiple VTK files in case
DORiE is run in parallel.
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