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Version 2.0.0 (2020-05-14)

Version 2.0.0 (2020-05-14)


DORiE v2.0 features several large additions and changes. Most prominently, an optional passive transport solver has been coupled with the Richards solver routine. Both Richards and transport models can employ finite volume (FV) and discontinuous Galerkin (DG) discretizations. Boundary conditions and parameterizations received new input schemes based on YAML and H5 files. Users now also have more control over initial conditions which can be based on analytic equations, data files, and (in case of the Richards model) even on the stationary problem.



  • yaml-cpp v5.2.0 or greater as dependency !81
  • Abstract base class for Models !87 !159
  • Finite volume solver for passive transport model !93 !88 !179 !180 !181
  • Grid function container to store transient grid functions !115
  • Infrastructure for the input of Miller scaling fields !110 !124 !133
  • Logging framework spdlog as Git submodule for all terminal output !106 !192
  • Support input of boundary segmentations !119
  • Reconstruction of continuous fluxes using RT finite elements !105
  • Custom DG finite element map for simplices based on Pk polynomials !125
  • Initial conditions expressed as analytic functions using muparser !131
  • Coupling between transient models for water flow and solute transport !96
  • Initial conditions generated from H5 input data !130
  • Linear interpolator for initial conditions and scaling fields !145, !156
  • Parameterizations for hydrodynamic dispersion in solute transport !141
  • Generic Python VTK file reader !143, !150, !178
  • Define compile-time settings via CPP macros !144
  • Google Test unit test framework as Git Submodule !159
  • Finite volume solver for the Richards equation !132 !161
  • Cookbook tutorial on infiltration into homogeneous sand !157
  • GitLab Description Templates for Releases !166
  • ParaView tutorial for analyzing DORiE output files !173
  • Parameter XML files support tags for version changes !171
  • Unit test for Parameter XML file parser !171
  • CMake option to enable code coverage flags on all targets !172
  • Steady state initial condition in Richards model !176
  • Changes to config file parameters listed per version in user docs !175
  • DG solver for solute transport model !112
  • Cookbook tutorial on using the random field generator !184
  • Outflow boundary condition for Richards model !191
  • Specify water content as initial condition in Richards model !187
  • Documentation about model solver loop and time step adaptation schemes !190
  • Documentation about the parallel features of several classes and methods !197


  • Data structures for storing and accessing parameter information !55
  • Split unit tests into separate CI job with coverage reports !98
  • Split grid adaptivity process into marking and actual adaptation !91
  • Rework VTK adapters and VTK output writer !64
  • RichardsSimulation now implements the abstract simulation base class !89
  • Switch to the stable release branch releases/2.6 of dune-testtools !97
  • Merge Python packages into single new package dorie !100
  • Move dorie Command Line Interface script into Python package !102
  • Parameterization data input via YAML and H5 files !82
  • Simplify H5 reader to only read datasets !109
  • Extend run config file to contain data on multiple models !103
  • DORiE now writes vertex data by default. !128
  • Switch license from MIT to GPLv3 !135
  • Generalized initial condition specification in config file !129
  • Structure and setup of Sphinx user docs !126
  • Switch to stable dune-randomfield release branch !151, !153
  • System tests for executing dorie pfg module !153
  • Build independent library and executable for each compile-time setting !144
  • Deploy online documentation for each branch to private server !163
  • Use YAML (instead of muPhi .bcdat) files for specifying BCs !121
  • Unit and system tests report code coverage separately !172
  • Improve docs on config file parameters and make default ones executable !183
  • Update the contribution guidelines and the code of conduct !194


  • Allow meta-ini files for unit tests #105
  • Solver in RichardsSimulation was using the wrong time variable !116
  • dune_add_system_test requires target with location after bugfix #161
  • make all would not build the solver application target dorie #162
  • Allow Neumman BC to be applied on a different direction than gravity #136
  • Use unsafe loader of PyYAML v5.2 for loading parameter scraper data !177
  • Steps were not synchronized when timestep suggestions differed in parallel #187


  • Boundary conditions evaporation and limitedInflux !120