Commit 15663bf0 authored by Santiago Ospina De Los Ríos's avatar Santiago Ospina De Los Ríos 🇨🇴


parent ee2395f7
......@@ -61,12 +61,6 @@ RichardsSimulation<Traits>::RichardsSimulation (Dune::MPIHelper& _helper, std::s
std::string tsscheme_str = _inifile.get<std::string>("time.timestepScheme");
if (tsscheme_str=="implicitEuler")
tsscheme = std::make_unique<Dune::PDELab::ImplicitEulerParameter<RF>>();
else if (tsscheme_str=="heun")
tsscheme = std::make_unique<Dune::PDELab::HeunParameter<RF>>();
else if (tsscheme_str=="shu3")
tsscheme = std::make_unique<Dune::PDELab::Shu3Parameter<RF>>();
else if (tsscheme_str=="rk4")
tsscheme = std::make_unique<Dune::PDELab::RK4Parameter<RF>>();
else if (tsscheme_str=="alex2")
tsscheme = std::make_unique<Dune::PDELab::Alexander2Parameter<RF>>();
else if (tsscheme_str=="fractional")
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