Commit aa538642 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel

Remove doxygen Class Overview and Code Modules from Sphinx docs

parent 895b9214
...@@ -33,8 +33,6 @@ dune_cmake_sphinx_doc(SPHINX_CONF ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/ ...@@ -33,8 +33,6 @@ dune_cmake_sphinx_doc(SPHINX_CONF ${CMAKE_CURRENT_SOURCE_DIR}/
index.rst index.rst
doxygen-guide.rst doxygen-guide.rst
logs-install.rst logs-install.rst
other-cmake.rst other-cmake.rst
public-api.rst public-api.rst
DORiE Code Modules
\ No newline at end of file
Complete Class Overview
.. doxygenfile::
.. doxygenfunction:: RichardsSolverSimplex
.. doxygenfunction:: RichardsSolverRectangular
.. doxygenfunction:: RichardsSolver
.. doxygennamespace:: Dune::Dorie
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