Commit e34e9ffb authored by Fabian Krautgasser's avatar Fabian Krautgasser

added a new agent class that carries it's own NN

parent 0668118a
......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@
# import uuid
from collections import namedtuple, deque
from typing import Callable, NamedTuple
from torch.optim import Adam
memory = namedtuple('Memory', ('States', 'Rewards', 'Actions'))
......@@ -394,3 +395,105 @@ class Prey(Agent):
self._got_eaten = got_eaten
# -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
class SmartGuy:
"""The class provides a new type of agent that carries its own neural network (and optimizer).
It is meant to be used with the isolation environment, so that its behaviour can be studied there.
__slots__ = ['_policy', '_optimizer', '_kin', '_action_space']
def __init__(self, policy: Callable, optimizer: Callable, action_space: dict, kin: str):
"""Initialize all necessary things."""
self._policy = None
self._optimizer = None
self._kin = None
self._action_space = None
# property managed attributes
self.policy = policy
self.optimizer = optimizer
self.kin = kin
self.action_space = action_space
# properties --------------------------------------------------------------
def policy(self) -> Callable:
"""Return the agents' policy."""
return self._policy
def policy(self, policy: Callable) -> None:
"""Set the agents' policy.
If policy is not a Callable a type error is raised.
if not callable(policy):
raise TypeError("policy needs to be callable but {} was given."
elif self.policy is not None:
raise RuntimeError("policy already set!")
self._policy = policy
def optimizer(self) -> Callable:
"""Return the agents' optimizer."""
return self._optimizer
def optimizer(self, optimizer: Callable) -> None:
"""Set the agents' optimizer.
If optimizer is not a Callable a type error is raised.
if not isinstance(optimizer, Adam): # FIXME also accept other optims
raise TypeError("optimizer needs to be callable but {} was given."
elif self.optimizer is not None:
raise RuntimeError("optimizer already set!")
self._optimizer = optimizer
def kin(self) -> str:
"""Return the agents' kin."""
return self._kin
def kin(self, kin: str) -> None:
"""Set the agents' kin."""
if not isinstance(kin, str):
raise TypeError("kin needs to be string but {} was given."
elif self.kin is not None:
raise RuntimeError("kin is already set!")
self._kin = kin
def action_space(self) -> dict:
"""Return the agents' action space."""
return self._action_space
def action_space(self, action_space: dict) -> None:
"""Set the agents' action space."""
if not isinstance(action_space, dict):
raise TypeError("action space needs to be dict but {} was given."
elif self.action_space is not None:
raise RuntimeError("action space is already set!")
self._action_space = action_space
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