Commit 6ef7cc06 authored by Lukas Riedel's avatar Lukas Riedel 🎧
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Fix severe bug when calling adaptivity algorithm

Time parameter has to be the conclusion time of the last time step.

[ci skip] because this branch has the old testing scheme
parent 61efc64a
......@@ -168,10 +168,12 @@ void Simulation<Traits>::run ()
const auto t_start = controller->getTime();
while(controller->doStep()) {
const auto time = controller->getTime();
const auto dt = controller->getDT();
if(adaptivity->adapt_grid(*grid, gv, *gfs, *param, *fboundary, t_start, *uold, *unew)){ // reset operators if grid changes
if(adaptivity->adapt_grid(*grid, gv, *gfs, *param, *fboundary, time+dt, *uold, *unew)){ // reset operators if grid changes
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